Kalipssus, musician and community leader born in Medellin, Colombia. Considered as one of the emcees preserving the knowledge about the roots of Hip Hop Kulture on an international level. Kalipssus has intervened in the development of several projects such as school programs, social works, food drives, guerrilla gardening and environmental recovery programs, managing these projects with several social organizations on a global scale. His music reflects the journeys Kalipssus has made spiritually, transmitting this diverse knowledge on his music bringing the listeners a message that holds truths and facts about humanity by recognizing our indigenous origins and connecting to the ritual that take us to knowledge of self. Kalipssus continues working in the aim of keep educating new generations of HipHoppas to provoke the necessary collective awakening of marginalized communities imposed by the established social order, having social education as a tool with responsible art, compromised with the development of the Hip Hop organized movement aswell the spiritual uplipfment of the people that find a sense of being on this way of life. After leaving his message by touring on stages trough all over Colombia, Mighty Kalipssus continues working as a solo artist composing music compromised with the spiritual & mental development of humanity, releasing 5 Mixtapes and 4 Studio Albums to the date, aswell working in association with several music groups and social projects, on an international level.